Teratopactus sulphureoviridis Hustache
Geographic distribution
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  • Argentina
    • Formosa
Other distribution
Federal District, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina

  • Teratopactus sulphureoviridis Hustache 1938c: 276
  • Naupactus sulphureoviridis : Emden & Emden 1939: 320
Teratopactus sulphureoviridis is similar to T. elegans Lucas. It mainly differentiates because eyes are slightly more convex, the pronotum of females is not as wide as in the latter species, elytra are more elongate, humeral tubercles are smaller, and scaly vestiture is almost uniformly green, except for a pinkish stripe along suture; legs are also covered with pinkish vestiture.
In T. elegans the integument is almost nude of scales except for the presence of iridescent green stripes covered with yellow waxy exudate, located along midline and side of pronotum, suture and intervals 4°-5° of elytra.
Baccharis spicata (Lam.) Baill. (Asteraceae).

It is mainly associated with vegetation of the Chacoan and Cerrado biogeographic provinces.
  • HUSTACHE A. 1938c. Curculionides nouveaux de l’Amérique méridionale, qui se trouvent dans le Deutsches Entomologisches Institut. 2ª note. Arbeiten über morphologische und taxonomische Entomologie aus Berlin-Dahlen 5: 265-288.
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