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This checklist includes basic taxonomic information on the genera and species of weevils of the tribe Naupactini (Curculionidae: Entiminae) from Argentina and Uruguay. For each species the following information is given: synonymy, complete geographical distribution, main host plants, economic importance, biological observations, and the most relevant bibliographical references. The species are illustrated with habitus photographs of the adults, usually females in dorsal view (males are unknown for many species).The geographical distribution of the species, in Argentina and Uruguay, was indicated on maps with political division (provinces in the case of Argentina). Naupactini is a tribe of broad-nosed weevils with about 500 species mainly distributed in the Neotropical region, particularly South America. Adults are 3.5 to 35mm long and show different color patterns, green, grey, brownish, golden or bluish, often iridescent, uniform or with stripes or maculae; in some species the integument is devoid of scales, dark brown or black. Flightlessness due to the absence of hind wings and parthenogenetic reproduction (development of eggs without fertilization) are frequent in some species distributed in sparsely vegetated or treeless areas. Females of Naupactini usually lay their eggs in batches covered by an adhesive substance, between adjoining surfaces (e.g. litter between fallen leaves, cracks in the soil, and crevices of tree trunks and calices of fruits). Their larvae do not have legs and live in soil where they feed externally on the roots of their host plants. Although naupactine weevils are polyphagous, the majority of them show at least some preference for certain families of flower plants, especially legumes. Several species are considered agricultural pests in both their native ranges and areas where they have been accidentally introduced due to commercial trade.
Analía Alicia Lanteri
Universidad Nacional de La Plata, CONICET, Museo de La Plata, División Entomología, La Plata, Argentina.
María Guadalupe del Río
Universidad Nacional de La Plata, CONICET, Museo de La Plata, División Entomología, La Plata, Argentina.

When referencing this catalogue, please use the following format: Lanteri, A. A. & M. G. del Río. Naupactini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) species from Argentina and Uruguay. [retrieval date]. < https://biodar.unlp.edu.ar/naupactini/ >

Hernán Lucas Pereira
Centro de Estudios Parasitológicos y de Vectores (CEPAVE), CONICET-UNLP La Plata - Argentina
José Luis Pereira
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, UNLP - La Plata - Argentina

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