Parapantomorus quatuordecimpunctatus Hustache
Geographic distribution
No economic damages registered
  • Argentina
    • Salta
Other distribution
Santa Cruz, Tarija

  • Naupactus quatuordecimpunctatus Hustache 1923: 284
  • Parapantomorus quatuordecimpunctatus : Hustache 1947: 109
Parapantomorus quatuordecimpunctatus distinguishes from P. fluctuosus because is larger, more slender, longer and less convex pronotum and elytra. It lacks humeri and hind wings, and the front coxae are separated from each other. The scaly vestiture is usually brown and whitish, with a characteristic pattern, and in some specimens is almost completely white.

The absence of males suggests that this species is parthenogenetic (Lanteri & Normark 1995).

Mainly associated with vegetation of the Yungas biogeographic province.
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