Naupactus dissimulator Boheman
Geographic distribution
An occasional minor pest
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires
    • Corrientes
    • Entre Ríos
    • Misiones
    • Santa Fe
  • Uruguay
Other distribution

Paraná, Río Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina


Colonia, Maldonado, Montevideo, Paysandú

  • Naupactus dissimulator Boheman 1840: 8
  • Naupactus fallax Boheman 1840: 9
Naupactus dissimulator belongs to N. xanthographus species group, revised by Lanteri & del Río (2017). It differentiates from the latter because the pronotum is wider, more rugose and with a white stripe along midline; the elytra are almost flat and usually rubbed on the disc, with large and separated tubercles at the apex (females); the front femora are very broad relative to the hind femora, especially in males; the front tibiae have large denticles on the inner margin; and the corbel of the hind tibiae are absent.

This species shows distinct sexual dimorphism. In males the pronotum is almost as wide as the elytra, the white stripe along the elytral suture is always distinct and the apical tubercles are usually indistinct.

Eggs and oviposition habits have been described by Marvaldi (1999).
Naupactus dissimulator causes damage on Citrus sp (Rutaceae), Ilex paraguariensis Saint Hill (Aquifoliaceae) and peach, Prunus persica (L.) Batsch (Rosaceae), in the Argentinean Mesopotamia (Bosq 1943, Lanteri et al. 2002a).

It is associated with native vegetation of the Paranaense forest, which is extended along the gallery forests of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, from Misiones province to La Plata river delta in Buenos Aires province.
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