Ericydeus sedecimpunctatus (Linnaeus)
Geographic distribution
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  • Argentina
    • Misiones
    • Tucumán
Other distribution
La Paz, Santa Cruz

Amazonas, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Pará, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo

  • Curculio sedecimpunctatus Linnaeus 1758: 386
  • Cyphus sedecimpunctatus : Schoenherr 1833: 625
  • Neocyphus sedecimpunctatus : Bedel 1883: 23
  • Ericydeus sedecimpunctatus : Marshall 1922: 182
  • Cyphus hilaris Perty 1832: 74
Ericydeus sedecimpunctatus differentiates from Ericydeus argentinensis because the vestiture is iridescent green or blue-green with distinct black maculae on pronotum and elytra; the pronotum is less convex on sides, and the elytra are more slender, elevated towards the beginning of the apical declivity, and with bifid apex (Lanteri1995a).

The Brazilian species Ericydeus schoenherri differentiates from Ericydeus sedecimpunctatus because is larger and the black maculae of pronotum and elytra are very large and usually confluent on disc.

Mainly associated with vegetation of the tropical and subtropical forests of South America (Amazonia, Atlantic, Paranaense and Yungas forests) and near rivers of the Cerrado biogeographic province.
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