Priocyphus cordobensis Lanteri & del Río
Geographic distribution
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  • Argentina
    • Córdoba
Other distribution
  • Priocyphus cordobensis Lanteri & del Río 2016: 69
Priocyphus cordobensis is distinguished from P. bosqi because the pronotum is strongly truncate-conical, with more convex flanks, small punctures on disc, and a short median sulcus, only extended along its anterior third; the elytra are broader, with less convex intervals. The shape of pronotum is similar to that of Priocyphopsis humeridens, but in this species elytral humeri have tubercles.

A key to identify all the species of Priocyphus is given in Lanteri & del Río (2016).

It is associated with vegetations typical of the Espinal biogeographic province, such as Acacia caven L. (= Vachellis caven) (Fabaceae).
  • LANTERI A.A. & DEL RÍO M.G. 2016. Taxonomy and cladistics of the group of genera related to Cyrtomon Schöenherr (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Naupactini). Revista de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina 75(1-2): 55-77.
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