Naupactus denudatus Hustache
Geographic distribution
No economic damages registered
  • Argentina
    • Catamarca
    • Jujuy
    • Salta
    • Santiago del Estero
    • Tucumán
Other distribution

  • Naupactus denudatus Hustache 1923: 283
  • Naupactus denudatus var vicinus Hustache 1923: 284
Naupactus denudatus is very similar to N. cinereidorum in size and body shape, and mainly differentiates because the pronotum is wider than in the latter species, intervals of elytra are more convex, and integument is almost nude of scales, except on scutellum, two slender stripes along sides of pronotum, and sides of ventral face. These areas are covered with more dense whitish scales. In the variety called vicinus, the sides of elytra are also squamose.
Males are more slender than females.

Associated with native vegetation of Yungas and Chacoan biogeographic provinces.
  • HUSTACHE A. 1923 -1924. Curculionides de l'exploration Lizer-Delétang au Chaco bolivien. Anales de la Sociedad Científica Argentina 96: 279-300 (1923).
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