Lamprocyphopsis viridinitens (Kuschel)
Geographic distribution
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  • Argentina
    • Córdoba
    • Salta
    • Santiago del Estero
Other distribution
  • Priocyphus viridinitens Kuschel 1950a: 546
  • Lamprocyphopsis viridinitens : Lanteri 1990b: 420
Lampropcyphopsis was described by Lanteri (1990b) and revised along with other related genera in Lanteri & del Río (2016). It includes two species, one from Argentina and another from Paraguay.

Lamprocyphopsis viridinitens differentiates from L. paraguayensis Lanteri, because the pronotum is truncate-conical, the punctures of the elytral striae are smaller and the penis is narrow towards the apex. Both species have large denticles on the inner margin of front and middle tibiae and their scaly vestiture is mostly iridescent green, with pinkish reflexion on head, sides of pronotum, legs and anterior third of elytra.

It is associated with native vegetation of the Chacoan biogeographic province, mainly characterized by the presence of trees and shrubs of the genus Prosopis sp (Fabaceae).
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