Brachystylodes pilosus Hustache
Geographic distribution
An occasional minor pest
  • Argentina
    • Salta
    • Tucumán
Other distribution
La Paz, Santa Cruz

  • Brachystylodes pilosus Hustache 1923: 288
  • Polydacrys bolivianus Voss 1932: 36
Brachystylodes Hustache includes three species from northwestern Argentina, Bolivia and Perú.

Brachystylodes pilosus is distinguished from B. rotundatus by the more curved antennal scape, the bisinuate elytral base, the more developed elytral humeri, and the presence of three denticles on the inner face of the front femora.
It produces damage in Citrus spp (Rutaceae), in Tucumán province.

Associated with vegetation of the Yungas biogeographic province.
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