Mendozella hirsuta Hustache
Geographic distribution
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  • Argentina
    • Mendoza
Other distribution
  • Priocyphus hirsutus Hustache 1939: 42
  • Priocyphopsis hirsutus : Lanteri 1990b: 416
  • Mendozella hirsuta : Lanteri & del Río 2016: 65
This species was originally described in Priocyphus and transferred to s Mendozella by Lanteri & del Río (2016).

Mendozella hirsuta differentiates from Mendozella curvispinis because is slightly smaller, it has greyish scaly vestiture, humeri do not have a tooth-like tubercle and hind tibiae lack mucro and lack a line of denticles on inner margin.


Associated with vegetation of the Monte biogeographic province, mainly characterized by the presence of Prosopis sp (Fabaceae) and Larrea sp (Zygophyllaceae).
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