Enoplopactus hylula (Heller)
Geographic distribution
No economic damages registered
  • Argentina
    • Catamarca
    • La Rioja
    • San Luis
Other distribution
  • Naupactosis hylula Heller 1921: 27
  • Enoplopactus hylula Kuschel 1945: 122
Enoplopactus hylula differentiates by the pale green vestiture, usually with yellowish stripes along the disc of pronotum and elytra; the pronotum subcylindrical, without thickened base; and the humeri rounded, reduced and lacking tubercles.

A key to species of Enoplopactus is given in Lanteri (1990c).
Larrea divaricata Cav. (Zygophyllaceae) (Lanteri et al. 2002a).

Associated with vegetation of the Monte biogeographic province.
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