Pantomorus prasinus Hustache
Geographic distribution
No economic damages registered
  • Argentina
    • Córdoba
    • Mendoza
Other distribution

  • Pantomorus prasinus Hustache 1947: 126
  • Naupactus prasinus : Morrone 1999: 160
Pantomorus prasinus belong to Pantomorus auripes species group, revised by Lanteri et al. (1991). It is similar to P. auripes but
its populations are bisexual (Lanteri 1995b). It distinguishes because the vestiture is green-bluish, usually covered with yellow waxy exudate and shows a stripe nude of scales along midline of pronotum and elytra; the sides of pronotum are more curved and elytra are more slender, especially in males; the front femora are broader, and the front tibiae have large denticles on inner side.

Probably associated with vegetation of the Espinal and Monte biogeographic provinces.
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