Pantomorus humilis Hustache
Geographic distribution
An occasional minor pest
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires
    • Catamarca
    • Chaco
    • Córdoba
    • La Pampa
    • San Luis
    • Santiago del Estero
    • Tucumán
Other distribution
  • Pantomorus humilis Hustache 1947: 119
  • Naupactus humilis : Morrone 1999: 159
Pantomorus humilis differentiates from P. cinerosus because the pronotum and elytra are broader, shorter and more convex, and elytral setae elytra are longer and suberect. The scaly vestiture is mostly brown mixed with white.There is a distinct pair of white stripes along the disc of the pronotum, extended over the anterior half of 3º elytral interval, interrupted by three pairs of oblique dark-brown stripes. The slender white stripe along midline of the pronotum and extended on the elytral suture, is not as distinct as in P. cinerosus.

Males are not known for Pantomorus humilis, that is probably parthenogenetic (Lanteri & Normark 1995).
Frequently damaging alfalfa, Medicago sativa L. (Fabaceae) in central Argentina (Lanteri 1994, Lanteri et al. 2002).

It is associated with vegetation of Espinal and Pampean biogeographic provinces.
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