Naupactus alternevittatus Hustache
Geographic distribution
No economic damages registered
  • Uruguay
Other distribution
Cerro Largo
  • Naupactus alternevittatus Hustache 1947: 95
Naupactus alternevittatus is similar to N. purpureoviolaceus in size and body shape. The integument is dark and shiny, almost nude of scales, except on the scutellum, five slender white stripes along the pronotum (one on midline, two on disc and two on margins) and three pairs of white stripes along the even intervals of elytra (2º, 4º and 6º-8º). Elytral setae are pale, fine and moderately long towards apex. Eyes are convex, antennae are broad, sides of pronotum are strongly curved in males, and elytra are very elongate, with rounded humeri.

Associated with vegetation of the Pampean biogeographic province.
  • HUSTACHE A. 1947. Naupactini de l’Argentine et des régions limitrophes (Col. Curculion.). Revista de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina 13(1-5): 3-146.
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