Cyrtomon glaucus (Bovie)
Geographic distribution
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  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires
  • Uruguay
Other distribution
San José

  • Cyphus glaucus Bovie 1907: 326
  • Neocyphus glaucus : Dalla Torre, Emden & Emden 1936: 9
  • Priocyphus glaucus : Kuschel 1950a: 546
  • Cyrtomon glaucus : Lanteri 1990a: 398
Cyrtomon Schoenherr is a senior synonym of Cyphus Germar and Neocyphus Bedel and includes six species native to South America. The genus was revised by Lanteri (1990a), and a cladistic analysis of its species and related genera have been published by Lanteri & Morrone (1991) and Lanteri & del Río (2016).

Cyrtomon glaucus mainly distinguishes by the scaly vestiture iridescent green on dorsum and pinkish on legs and venter; the rostral groove very wide, the pronotum subcylindrical with smooth surface, the punctures of the elytral striae almost indistinct and the absence of supernumerary striae. Mouthparts of this species were described in Díaz et al. (1990a b) and characters of the vestiture, by Coscarón et al. (1991).

A key to species of Cyrtomon is provided in Lanteri (1990a) and Lanteri & del Río (2016).

Associated to the vegetation of the gallery forest of La Plata river. This is the southernmost distribution of the Paranaense forest, which is extended from Brazil along Paraná and Uruguay rivers, reaching the mouth of La Plata river.
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