About the catalogue
This catalog of Heteroptera Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha and Leptopodomorpha species was compiled by the authors through their own field work and the available scientific literature; citizen contribution is also contemplated through the Facebook group Chinches de Argentina, from the Instagram profile @chinchesdeargentina, and the ArgentiNat project Heteroptera de Argentina, in each case the credits of the images and associated metadata are mentioned. The names of genera, subspecies species are included, and the following information is provided for each species: synonyms, geographic distribution, main host plants, economic and sanitary importance, some selected observations, the most relevant bibliographic references and links to related databases. The species are illustrated with photographs, in several cases with type specimens.
Dra. María Cecilia Melo
División Entomología, Museo de La Plata, CONICET. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dr. Pablo M. Dellapé
División Entomología, Museo de La Plata, CONICET. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When referencing this catalogue, please use the following format: Melo, M. C. & Dellapé, P. M. Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha & Leptopodomorpha (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) species from Argentina and Uruguay. [retrieval date]. < https://biodar.unlp.edu.ar/gerro-nepo-lepto/ >

Hernán Lucas Pereira
Centro de Estudios Parasitológicos y de Vectores (CEPAVE), CONICET-UNLP La Plata - Argentina
José Luis Pereira
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, UNLP - La Plata - Argentina

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