Vilerna rugulosa Stål 1878
Geographic distribution
Few records of minimum damages
  • Argentina
    • Chaco
    • Misiones
    • Salta
    • Tucumán
Other distribution
South America, from Colombia and Venezuela to Argentina.
  • Truxalis coriacea Burmeister 1838
Although the name Truxalis coriaceaby Burmeister is older than the one by Stål, it is considered as nomen oblitum (Descamps & Amedegnato, 1989) because it was not mentioned by any author since its first publication until 1870, and this citation (Walker 1870) is a simple mention of the name not related to the recognition of the species The first reference actually related with the recognition of specimens of the species is by Descamps & Amedegnato in 1989. This species is up to now the southernmost representative of the tribe Ommatolampini, wich is well represented in the northern parts of South America.
Wild gramineous and unidentified cultivated plants.
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