Clarazella patagona Pictet & Saussure 1887
Geographic distribution
Few records of minimum damages
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires
    • Catamarca
    • Chaco
    • Córdoba
    • Formosa
    • Jujuy
    • La Pampa
    • La Rioja
    • Mendoza
    • Misiones
    • Neuquén
    • Río Negro
    • Salta
    • San Juan
    • San Luis
    • Santa Fe
    • Santiago del Estero
    • Tucumán
Other distribution
BOLIVIA: Santa Cruz
  • Ossa viridis Giglio-Tos 1897
  • Parossa viridis (Giglio-Tos 1897)
  • Paulinia viridis (Giglio-Tos 1897)
Polyphagous, compositae, solanaceous and other dicotyledoneous plants.
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